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We started FinTech in early 2014 with a dedicated team of our in-house experts. Shortly after, cooperation with Technical University was established to support our R&D activities in this area. By 2016 the FinTech team size has organically doubled thanks to increasing demand of the market for new fin-tech products and innovation.

In 2017, we added blockchain and crypto technologies into our portfolio of products and services and in 2018 we have continued with Open Banking and various FinTech integrations. Our vision in this area is to research and create proprietary multi-platform, extendable Robo-Advisor product for crypto exchange markets, capable of investment and trading decisions assistance through advanced machine learning and AI.


Open banking

We create opportunities to condense the payments value chain

By opening up traditional structures that have dominated financial services, through open banking and PSD2, we create opportunities to condense the payments value chain.
The future of banking is agile, collaborative, ‘exposed’ and designed to encourage new business models.


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Anti-money laundering

We help financial institutions reduce false positives.

One of the biggest compliance challenges facing financial institutions today is the high rate of false positives being generated by their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Transactions Monitoring Systems (TMS). These systems are designed to identify suspicious transactions that may involve illicit proceeds or legitimate proceeds used for illegal purposes.

All of our fintech products are AML compliant.


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We do all this efficiently using adaptive Agile scrum methodology.


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"The investor of today does
not profit from yesterday's growth.”

-Warren Buffett


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